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Wait! Wait! Wait!/ Die of old age or die jail... Now, stay with… - fading nebulous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 19th, 2010|05:40 am]
[Current Location |My Bedroom, where the choas starts]
[music |Rude boy by Rihanna]

Wait! Wait! Wait!/ Die of old age or die jail...

Now, stay with me...

I'm drunk, wait... no, tipsy and I having some sort of epiphany, I shit you not...

My cousin Tia came to live with us as she is now a single mother fresh from college, and I am a recent college grad! (Yes, I will spill the beans, but on a later date.) She tells me that everyone knows that I have sort of attraction to men. She asked me if I like sports as a gay test. I told her I played football and rugby, I prefer to play baseball rather than watch it and that I rather watch basketball than play it. All of them true. She told me that I am totally not gay, like my mannerisms, which is good... I guess. I told her I bisexual a while ago. But I revealed Jordon and (how I technically lost my virginity to) Hue and De'maroco, this college freshman I hooked up with over the past semester. I told her about Patty and how I was propositioned for sex by my sultry theatre friend Danica... all of which I will tell you in my next post... and she laughed and we cried. I told her about me having to be "perfect" and she cried about her single mom woes and... it clicked... we're growing up! I graduated May 15 and she had a baby boy turning 2 in August! What a bottle of Tanqueray (and hot tea for shots!) would do!!

Question of the day: "How will anyone accept me if I can't accept myself because of fear that my family or friends won't?"