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Trying my own self-intervention - fading nebulous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Trying my own self-intervention [Jan. 22nd, 2009|02:15 pm]
[Current Location |The Library]
[music |"Summer Boy" by Lady Gaga]

My new mission statement: Avoid mediocrity at any limit, and be phenomenal at all means.

I came to a realization last night: I’m an amazing guy. No, it’s not my looks or my mentality and nor is this a confidence booster, but I am starting to come to the understanding that my friend Vanessa was right: if you want people to see those desired traits that you want, you have to fake until you make it. With that being said, why fake it? Be it. I’m not an ugly guy (an issue I have trouble with—severe body issues), nor am I unintelligent (though I prefer the term cerebral), I’m resourceful and I’m very inventive. Nonetheless I’m a pretty funny guy. I refuse to let that Jordan relationship ruin me and the conversations I have with friends. I don’t even know why I was having such a hard time dealing with it. Maybe it’s because I came to an understanding late last night: I watched the motion picture “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” starring S&M Willy Wonka impresario Brand Russell, sexy-vixen Mila Kunis (who I’d lay in two second flat) and Kristen Bell as Sarah Marshall. The lead character played by Jason Segel (of Freak and Geeks fame) is dumped by his girlfriend of 5 years, CSI-type TV star Sarah Marshall and decides to go to Hawaii to forget about her when given advice by his step brother played by Bill Hader (who I kind of have a thing for at the moment). Anyway, the guy comes to the realization that his ex-girlfriend not only is a bitch incapable of taking some responsibility for the crash landing of their break-up, but that he’s not too much of a bad catch either. There were other messages, but I came to the realization that school starts Monday and its time that I put that behind me. With that being said, I’m shaving my head (new hair cut), I plan on buy new clothes (birthday is on the 2nd) and I want to be more active. With that last statement being said, I want to do more things for me and not necessarily for my résumé this semester and do the things I was always interested in—kung fu and karate classes, yoga classes, jazz and bellydancing classes and take some piano classes. My goal is to be the black James Bond: get a bartending license, get an aviation license, become at least a second degree black belt and speak a foreign language (I’ve really felt the need to learn French again, and or learn Arabic/Japanese). I want to start by attending the campus gymnasium for 2 hours, three days a week. If I do that and look great come April or May, I’ll be great. How will I do these things: Hopefully, I’ll devide my time on the weekend between friends, homework and work (since I can’t do work-study, bah humbug).

Anyway, soon I’ll be in Buffalo, with Fausto and will have to be on a strict schedule. I can’t allow what happened to me to happen to me again—my grades deteriorated when I dated Jordan. I read a lot this break (finished 3 books such as Watchmen, thanks Nick!) and I plan to finish reading The Long Halloween, a Batman graphic novel. My Boy Culture book was thrown out by rampant and raging father… guess who has to order it again?! Me!

Well, I need to go. I’m in a public library and I’m flirting with on of the librarians, she’s Hindi and black and attends SCCC. But she’s taken… Hmmm….

Question of the day: “Do any of these plans sound unrealistic?